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Energy savings

GCEnergy guarantees all its customers significant savings in the cost of their energy bill, offering a wide variety of solutions to reduce both energy consumption and cost of Kw · h.

GCEnergy is a young company founded in 2012 by a group of people with extensive experience in the energy sector.

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Energy efficiency

Our main objective is to reduce energy consumption to promote economic, political and environmental sustainability. Currently, what is most worrying is the energy saving and the environmental effect of the generation of electric power.

We develop different efficiency solutions to reduce energy costs for our customers.


GCEnergy offers free of charge a study and a basic advice to optimize the costs of the electricity and / or gas bill where we can see if you have the need to make changes in your supply contract.


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GCEnergy is a company formed by advisors with high experience in the sector. Our transparency and objectivity differentiate us from our competitors.


We offer personalized advice and comprehensive assistance for your energy billing.


We propose a variety of solutions for the optimization of your company's energy costs. At GCEnergy we have a team of experts whose values are integrity, professionalism and experience.


Our mission is to provide all the support and advice necessary to optimize costs in your electricity and gas billing, as well as to manage your claims.


If you want to learn more about our company, please contact us.

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